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Remembering our Vietnam veterans on Memorial Day


Local men we honor this Memorial Day who gave
their life during the Vietnam conflict are:

PFC Edward Earl Beacham
CPL Edgar Hunter Beasley
COL Carter Purvis Luna
SP4 A V Spikes

SP5 German Lee Nicholson
LCPL James Edward Smith
SSG Willie Lee Thigpen
PFC Tommy Traxler Jr

By Anna Coates

The Vietnam War remains a very controversial subject. It’s unlikely that historians will ever agree on whether it was necessary or what benefits derived from it. As Memorial Day draws near, it is fitting to remember the sacrifice of so many – not just soldiers but families left behind and a country coming to terms with information revealed in bits and pieces about the enormity and futility of the struggle. We pause to reflect on this Memorial Day weekend in honor of these hallowed dead.

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