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Warmer weather brings problems for ATV owners

Outdoor enthusiasts who take to the rivers and streams and other off-road venues for weekend fun must take precautions to prevent the heartbreak and aggravation of the theft of their equipment.
Whether used for pleasure or work, four-wheelers and side-by-sides make attractive targets for thieves this time of year. That has already been the case for several owners this year in the county.
According to Copiah County Sheriff Byron Swilley, owners can take some simple actions to help secure their equipment. Something as simple as taking the key out of the vehicle is the first step in preventing theft, he said.
One of the best options is to store ATVs out of sight when possible, Swilley said. When they cannot be seen, it is harder for them to be targeted. Also, when possible, lock them to something or run a locked cable through the wheels. Anything that can be done to make your vehicle harder to steal, makes it less attractive to thieves, Swilley said.
He also notes that photos of the vehicle and of the model and serial number are invaluable to investigators when they are trying to solve a theft. Those photos also improve the chances that a vehicle can be recovered.
Any suspicious activity should be reported to the sheriff’s office for further investigation.
Looking out for our neighborhoods can go a long way toward preventing crime, Swilley said.