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Copiah County school board begins budget process

The Copiah County School Board met last week with the board coming together through a combination of teleconferencing and meeting in person.
Superintendent Ricky Clopton advised board members that the annual budget process could be more difficult than usual, considering challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. No one knows exactly what effect that will have on the state budget and, consequently, local and school budgets. The budget hearing on taxes has been set for August 3 this year, the same day the district plans to approve the budget.
Clopton said the district could have issues getting numbers to work with because the legislature still has not confirmed funding for the upcoming year. He said he expects cuts in revenue and stressed the importance of keeping tight control over personnel costs for the upcoming school year.
Clopton also said all districts in the state are developing plans as they are able for schools opening in the fall. There are social distancing, sanitization, and bus capacity guidelines that have been floated. Many will be hard to work with, and school schedules may have to be amended. One of the main guidelines for buses is one child on every other seat. That will create a major challenge to get students to school in a timely manner if it is not amended. He also pointed out that guidelines are constantly changing.
The board recessed to 3 p.m. June 29.

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