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Mayor thanks contributors to seniors

HAZLEHURST CELEBRATED their 2020 Seniors Saturday night with a procession from the high school to the Depot on Ragsdale Avenue. The photo at right shows the line of cars being escorted by the Hazlehurst Police Department. Among those taking part in the celebration were (above, front row, from left) Hazlehurst Police Chief Darian Murray, Al Farrish, Ron Sims, Rev. Henry Smiley, Mayor Shirley Sandifer, (back row) Deandre Durr, Christopher Davis, Cornelius Cooley, Frederick Sandifer, and Frank Jones. (Photo by Louis Price)

Hazlehurst High School graduates were presented special gifts by members of the community Saturday, June 27 at the Depot in Hazlehurst, with the cars being led from the high school to the Depot by the Hazlehurst Police Department.
Below are the listed names of the local leaders and citizens,business owners,churches, and organizations who contributed:
Mayor Shirley Sandifer, Alderman Frederick Sandifer, Alderman Rick Akin, Alderman Ron Sims, Alderman Frank Jones, Daphine Foster Hill, Marisa Wilbert, Zeta Phi Beta Inc., Alpha Alpha Psi Zeta Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Inc., Pi Omicron Chapter, PeyAcademy, Alvin Mazie, Hazlehurst Community Sports League, Gloria Sandifer, Nannette Thurmond, Robert Catchings, Perry Hood (STARK’s Family Restaurant), Greater Damascus Church Of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., Arnita Neal, Golden Square lodge #88, Eastern Stars (Hazlehurst Chapter), Hazlehurst Funeral Home, Temple Church Of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., Dixon Body & Auto Sales Inc., Supervisor Daryl McMillian, Rev. Henry Smiley, Class of 1973, St.James Baptist Church, St. Peter Church Of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., George Harris, and Bozeman Chevron.
Mayor Shirley Sandifer said, “I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the local officials, community leaders, businesses, churches, and organizations for all the wonderful contributions you all made towards the Hazlehurst High School graduates of the Class of 2020. With your help, we were able to give $56.00 to each of the 79 graduates. With the unforeseen circumstances they had to experience, I know without a doubt they are grateful for this and appreciate it very much. Again, I say thank you kindly.”