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Southern Pine Electric and TEC collaborate to bring fiber internet to members

Southern Pine Electric has announced a collaborative agreement with TEC, a technology company providing fiber internet to people in rural areas of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. TEC will bring fiber internet to many of Southern Pine’s members who are unserved or underserved. With an aggressive work schedule of 10 years, TEC will bring innovative broadband, voice, and security solutions to our members, communities, and businesses that lack access to true broadband services.
After much study and analysis, Southern Pine’s board of directors made the difficult decision to not become a service provider of high-speed internet due to financial constraints that could threaten the stability of the cooperative and its members. While this decision ended Southern Pine’s consideration of becoming a service provider, it did not diminish the desire for Southern Pine to play an active role in securing connectivity for its members.
Through the announcement of this collaboration, Southern Pine’s board of directors and management team have made true on the promise to pursue a sound broadband solution that protects members’ ownership in Southern Pine.
“I am proud that TEC, which is a company with deep roots in our state, recognizes what our members have to offer and is committed to improving their quality of life,” said Don Jordan, president and CEO of Southern Pine Electric.
TEC, headquartered in Mississippi with a local office in Bay Springs, has been a leader in the ever-changing technology industry for close to a century. They have the ability and means to help members and communities stay connected, informed, and secure through their many services and custom solutions.
“This endeavor with Southern Pine is a natural fit for our company and our goal of keeping people connected. Both TEC and Southern Pine are committed to our service areas, our customers, and our employees. We look forward to bringing fast fiber internet where it truly is needed,” said Joseph Fail, president of TEC.
This will be an exciting project that will bring many opportunities to the area. It will require several years of hard work before completion, but the end result will be well worth the efforts.
With this need met, it will enable Southern Pine to place its sole focus and financial resources towards strengthening its electric infrastructure by improving service and reliability.
Members can visit or for more information, or email with additional questions.