Airport hangar door down, prompt replacement planned

By Anna Coates
Copiah County Supervisors Terry Channell, Kenny Powell, Judson Jackson, Perry Hood, and Daryl McMillian met in regular session Sept. 8. The first order of business was a report on the hangar door emergency at Copiah County Airport.
Insurance representative Jerald Delaney stated that the door has been taken down and contents of the hangar secured. He reviewed options for purchase and installation of a replacement hangar door, explaining that the losses are covered by the county’s insurance but imply certain conditions must be met. Supervisors raised several questions and directed Delaney to obtain more information about the customary process in similar situations.
A power surge or lightning damaged a circuit board on the courthouse elevator, rendering it inoperable. Delaney said county insurance will cover the cost, with a preliminary estimate of $48,000.
County engineer Ron McMaster Jr. explained the Circuit Rider Safety initiative. Engineers analyze safety issues on locally-owned roads and determine possible low-cost solutions to improve safety. The current county project provides for the striping of Monticello Road. Circuit Rider is also donating 87 road signs to be erected by county employees.

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