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Fire hydrant flushing to begin Oct. 14 in Hazlehurst

Hazlehurst firemen and public works personnel will begin flushing fire hydrants around Oct. 14. It will take about two months for the process to make the rounds of all 364 hydrants in the city. This is done annually and serves two purposes. One is to exercise the hydrants so the valves and covers do not rust and corrode, and also to ensure they work properly when needed. The process also cleans debris including sediment and rust that accumulates in the lines over time. Residents are likely to see some discoloration in their water during this process as debris is loosened in the lines. Hazlehurst Fire Chief Chris Pendleton (far right) opened a hydrant on Ragsdale Avenue last week and demonstrated the process as firemen Quentin Johnson and Deandre Durr stand by to assist.