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Veterans Affairs offers assistance for family caregivers

A new avenue of assistance became available earlier this month for veterans who are seriously injured or have a serious illness. The program will pay family members as caregivers for qualified veterans.
To qualify, veterans must have incurred the injury or illness in the line of duty and must be in need of in-person care services for a minimum of six months. They may qualify for assistance if the personal care services to be provided by the family caregiver would not be simultaneously and regularly provided through another entity or individual.
An eligible family caregiver must be at least 18 years old, a close family member or someone who lives with the eligible veteran full-time.
A version of this program started after 9-11 and was expanded, effective Oct. 1, to include Vietnam and Korean War veterans. To qualify, a veteran must be 70% disabled.
Another often valuable benefit for veterans that is often overlooked is Tricare for Life. The program works in conjunction with the Medicare program for retired veterans, greatly reducing any out-of-pocket medical costs.
For more information on these or other programs for veterans, call Copiah County Veteran’s Affairs Officer Ron Evans at 601-894-4101.