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Pandemic inspires Crystal Springs native fashion designer to go virtual

Montgomery Village, Md. based fashion designer and Crystal Springs native Reginald Wilson has been inspired to host his first ever virtual fashion show on Dec. 19. Creative director and lead designer of the label La Vincient and La Vincient Male has decided to hold a virtual fashion show accessible to the world.
Wilson states that in these troublesome and uncertain times of COVID-19, he did not feel comfortable showcasing his 2020 collection with a live audience. Wilson said that even with all the safety precautions the production team had put into place, he still did not feel that he could keep all guests, models, and hair and makeup artists safe.
After talking with producers, the decision was made to have the year-end fashion show virtually. This was the only responsible solution.
Wilson will showcase a total collection of more than 80 looks, which includes both women’s and men’s looks. “The exposure that I will get will be unprecedented,” says Wilson.
The move into online fashion shows has pushed the industry to develop creative ways to showcase their collections to the world that would not be accessible to the general public. This provides a worldwide stage for designers to reach consumers not only in the United States, but to other countries around the world giving them a virtual experience into what happens during a fashion show. Fashion shows have evolved from just showcasing garments into providing the audience with authentic experiences that draw them into the mind and conceptualizations of the designer.
Tickets to the virtual show are available on the Baltimore Fashion Week website,