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Copiah County School Board hears COVID-19 updates

By Anna Coates
Copiah County School District Board members Terry Munn (president), Arthur Evans, Helen Sandifer (by phone), Debra Stamps, and Dale Granger met in regular session with Superintendent Rickey Clopton and Board Attorney Olen Bryant.
Clopton described the current school status as “day-to-day.”
“We’re operating under constantly changing conditions. For example, several quarantine options are being considered – quarantine for seven days and then test negative for COVID-19 – you’re good to go. Or take no test but quarantine for 10 days – if no symptoms, return to work or school. Third, quarantine for 14 days and be considered outside the chance to be infected. We’re hoping to safely get to Christmas break which runs from Dec. 21 through Jan. 1. That should help control outbreaks so week can hold nine-week tests.

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