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Mississippi School of the Arts accepting applications

The Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) is accepting applications for the Dance, Vocal, and Media Arts/Filmmaking Departments.
Students who will be entering 11th grade may apply online on the MSA website at The process for admission includes online application, virtual audition, and interview. Accepted students attend their junior and senior years of high school at MSA. Students have the option to be a commuting student and live at home if they live within 27 miles of MSA.
MSA is a public statewide 11th and 12th grade residential high school located in Brookhaven on the historic Whitworth College campus. Annually, MSA enrolls students who meet and exceed the traditional Mississippi high school curriculum by receiving intensive instruction in dance, literary arts, theatre, visual arts, vocal music, and media arts/filmmaking.
MSA is a great school for those students who want to explore the arts in an extraordinary way. The school also fill a special need for students with demonstrated talent that need a collegiate-level learning experience in the arts that is not widely available across the state.
MSA has some exciting and unique opportunities for students in the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Media/Filmmaking students will work on a collaborative project with the San Francisco Arts Institute (SFAI), where they will work with MSA Instructor John Kelly Shelburne and SFAI Instructor Christopher Coppola to produce short films centered on Jackson and San Francisco, Calif.
Coppola’s inspiration for the project comes in part from his uncle, Director Francis Ford Coppola, whom he states taught him, “The job and purpose of cinema is to convince people that the world they live in is not the only one available to them.”
SFAI students will travel to Mississippi, and MSA students will travel to San Francisco to work on this project. It will be a class students receive credit for, and it is also open to other disciplines.
Jonathan Sharp, Broadway performer and dance instructor at Idyllwild School of the Arts, will participate in a guest residency at MSA, where he will work with the Dance department as well as students from the Vocal and Theatre departments who are interested in Broadway and musical theatre. His residency will culminate with a Musical Theatre Review highlighting performances by MSA students.
In addition to MSA students consistently winning awards for their work on the state, regional, and national levels, the school holds the No. 2 highest ACT average in the state, and the college scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors are amazing.
For additional information and the application, visit online, email, or call 601-823-1300.