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Mississippi Trucking Association Foundation awards scholarships for current school year

Jarodrick Barnes

Over 30 years ago, the Mississippi Trucking Association Foundation Scholarship Program was created. The primary objective of the Foundation, a 501(c) (3) charitable corporation designed to receive contributions, memorial gifts and property, is to promote educational projects related to the trucking industry and provide scholarships to deserving students who have ties to the trucking industry and are enrolled in scholastic endeavors. This class joins over 300 students who have received this scholarship.
Scholarships are offered through the Mississippi Trucking Association Foundation, Mike McLarty Endowment, the John Fayard Endowment, H. Dean Cotten Endowment, G. Larry Kerr Endowment, the R. Gene Holmes Endowment, the Vernon and Nancy Sawyer Endowment, and the John Stomps Endowment.
Jarodrick Barnes, of Crystal Springs, has been awarded the R. Gene Holmes Endowment.