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Todd Renfroe

Perry “Todd” Renfroe,57, of Crystal Springs, passed away on Aug. 26,2021, in Crystal Springs. A funeral service was held Aug. 28 at Crystal Springs United Methodist Church.
A resident of Crystal Springs for the past 26 years, Mr. Renfroe was born in Jackson on June 12, 1964, to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Renfroe. He graduated from Mississippi Baptist High School in 1983. He was a very good athlete that loved to compete while in school. He worked at McClain in Brookhaven, where he served as the service manager.
In his spare time, he was an avid hunter and fisherman who also loved spending time with his family and friends. He is a proud supporter of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and a fan of wherever baseball took his beloved son, Hunter. It’s difficult to condense this man’s life and the impact that he had on others into a few paragraphs.
The first word that comes to mind to describe Todd is “kind.” Todd was a friend to everyone, and let me tell you, he had many. If someone needed help, Todd was always willing to do whatever he could for them. He was helping people even after he was diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment. He never let cancer keep him down. He loved “piddling.” He would get up every day with nothing in particular in mind but would always seem to be able to find something to do outside that would fill each day.
He loved cutting the grass, and don’t even think about offering to do it for him. He wouldn’t have it. He thought he was the only one that could cut it properly. To say that he was OCD about his tools and equipment would be a huge understatement.
Todd was a very private man. It was a long time before he shared with anyone that he had cancer, but one thing he was never private about was his love for his son, Hunter. He never had to say a word to tell how much pride he had for Hunter; it was reflected in his face every time he saw him and every time his name was spoken.
The day Hunter was born, he knew he was looking at his very best friend, and best friends they were. On weekends that Tammy worked, Todd started taking him to the deer camp while Hunter was still in diapers. He taught Hunter about hunting, fishing, and baseball. He taught him kindness, humility, and respect for others. He spent time on and off the field coaching Hunter to be the best that he can be as a player and a person. In order to help him with his batting, Todd had him hitting rocks in the driveway, shredding an untold amount of aluminum bats. Todd taught him all these things, but the one and most important thing he taught him was to be a fine, honorable, and Christian man and loving husband to Courtney. Hunter was his greatest achievement.
He fought this battle with determination and grace, with his loving wife, Tammy, by his side. As cancer progressed, Tammy asked him about his faith, his response was classic Todd: “Me and God are good!” He is now resting in the arms of Jesus and rejoicing in reunion with his dad.
He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Tammy Renfroe; son, Hunter (Courtney); mother, MaryNel Renfroe; and sister, Yana Knight (Gary). He is preceded in death by his loving father, Bobby Renfroe. Todd loved big and lived well. Without a doubt when the Lord welcomed him, he said “Well done my good and faithful servant.”