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Sequel to ‘The Boy with the Pop Bottle on His Head’ releasing Jan. 1

He was born with a disease that could have easily taken his life. He lived beyond poverty with hand-me-downs from poor people. Some of the people who befriended him betrayed him. Yet, he was chosen to predict the deadly Hazlehurst tornado of 1969, that not even meteorologists saw coming.
Hear him tell his story along with others who knew him best–from his childhood to his remarkable journey to now. Even his mathematical skills were beyond that of a computer.
Documentarian Steve Collins of SVCC Productions brings viewers up close and personal to “the boy” in “The Boy with the Pop Bottle on His Head 2,“ coming Jan. 1, 2022, exclusively on
Part 1 is still streaming on Search for “The Boy with the Pop Bottle on His Head.”
Check out the movie trailer on the movie’s Facebook page or YouTube.
For more information, contact Collins at 601-894-3392 or 601-613-7413.