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Learning about living history

Recently, Mahmoud and Alora Anter met 95 year-old WWII veteran and Wesson resident Alton Ricks. Mahmoud interviewed Ricks as part of his learning about WWII in his fourth-grade class at Wesson Attendance Center. While Mahmoud and his uncle, Randolph Costilow, interviewed Ricks in his home, Mahmoud’s younger sister, Alora, a first-grade student at WAC, visited with Rick’s wife, Jean Ricks. Both Alton and Jean are retired educators. The next week, Costilow took the children to the New Orleans Zoo and the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. The three learned a great deal from the zoo and the museum but mostly from hearing first-hand stories from Ricks. All five enjoyed the educational visit, and it will be an experience the children will always remember. Thank you to Mr. Ricks and all veterans in this great country.