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Copiah County 200th anniversary history book to be published

Paul Cartwright is editing a Copiah County history book spanning 1823 to 2023 to be published in late fall and ready for January 2023.
The tentative title is “A Shared History: Copiah County, Mississippi 1823-2023.”
Historical materials from 1876 to 1957 have been edited and retyped into current word processing. Historical materials from the Department of Archives and History, published books, newspaper articles, and a variety of other sources are being used in the book.  Many small community histories are being included.
Portions of the book are being written by Tricia Nelson, Rev. Gene Horton, and Paul Cartwright.  The book will cover general history without going into detailed school histories or tons of photos that have already been published in many different books.  Some illustrations will be used in addition to other important historical maps and such.
Cartwright encourages anyone to submit community updates on towns and/or cities’ development in the last 50 years – economically, socially, and any other developments.  Book materials must be submitted in current Microsoft Word format. Email attachments are suggested. Deadline for submitted materials is Sept. 5 to give time to edit and create manuscript for indexing.
The book will include edited excerpts from other books on cities or towns in Copiah County. Those chapters or sections will include the original author and/or citation in footnotes and bibliograhy.
Portions of the WPA Copiah County chapters will also be used. They were written in 1936 or 1937.
The book will have a comprehensive index of names, places, creeks, etc.
For more information, contact