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Chandler Michael Haynes

Chandler Michael Haynes, of Crystal Springs, passed away Nov. 9, 2022. A funeral service was held Nov. 17 at First Baptist Church, with burial at Old Crystal Springs Cemetery.
He is survived by his father, Gage Haynes; mother, Chloe Cooper Haynes; brother, Maddox Haynes; paternal grandparents, Glenn and Dana Haynes; maternal grandparents, Michael and Angela Cooper; great-grandmother, Connie Haynes; great-grandparents, Tommy and Kathleen Smith; great-grandfather, Mike Cooper; great-grandparents, Brent and Sharon Thornton; great-grandparents, Teresa and Mickey Brewer; great-grandparents, Fred and Rose Haynes; great-great-grandparents, Joe and Alleen Hawkins; great-great-grandmother, Beatrice Williams; and great-great-grandmother, Laurene Stephens.