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Local author and retired judge pens new book with anti-bullying message

Judge James Bell

Award-winning novelist and Mississippi native Judge James Bell weaves together a magical, meaningful, moving, and marvelous story in his first ever children’s book. The story of a young orphan bee trying to prove himself to the hive that adopted him, “BeeBop: The Honeybee Wannabee Hero,” at its heart, is a story about loyalty and resilience, bravery and determination, compassion, forgiveness, and belonging. A touching tale with a winning hero, “BeeBop: The Honeybee Wannabee Hero,” which was released in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month in October, carries with it an important anti-bullying message.
According to Judge Bell, “While it may seem like a bit of a departure from writing two previous legal thrillers, ‘BeeBop: The Honeybee Wannabee Hero’ is a story I thought needed to be told. With bullying reaching near epidemic proportions, I felt compelled to deliver a book that was entertaining, but one that carried a message that so many children need to hear: the message about the importance of resilience, honesty, doing the right thing, being forgiving and above all, being kind. I wanted to deliver that message in a way that was both entertaining and impactful — and felt that a lovable, but somewhat awkward main character such as BeeBop would give children both a character to root for and identify with.”
BeeBop, a young orphan bee, wants to make a name for himself in the hive that adopted him. But prejudice and an oversized bully bee stand in his way. The hive desperately needs a major nectar find before winter, and BeeBop makes the biggest discovery in the history of the hive. When he announces his discovery, BeeBop finds himself in a terribly sticky situation: seems no one believes him — except for his best friend. Together, they convince the hive to take a chance and travel a great distance to retrieve the nectar but when they arrive, the flowers are gone, and the nectar is nowhere to be found. Rejected, dejected, and shamed by the hive, BeeBop must overcome despair, doubt, a bully, and even a bear to solve the mystery of the missing flowers and regain the respect of his best friend. Will BeeBop overcome impossible obstacles to save the hive, or will all “bee” lost?
Resplendent with charm, wit, and an engaging, educational storyline, “BeeBop: The Honeybee Wannabee Hero” includes a Parent and Teacher’s Guide.
Bell is an award-winning author and retired judge who resides in Crystal Springs.