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Crystal Springs author shares ‘Ordinary Miracles’

Both Dot Day (left) and Bill Clark, of Brandon, have stories included in Day’s new book “Ordinary Miracles.” Clark is an entertainer who plays piano at restaurants and other venues in the metro Jackson area.

By Barbara Grillot Gaddy

“Flashing lights broke through the darkness. — I discover that the car is resting on the knife’s edge of this precipice. — As the first patient exits the car, the car rocks.” These are excerpts from “Are You the Angel?” by Josh Dawson in Dorothy Ainsworth Day’s new book entitled “Ordinary Miracles.”

Day has lived in Crystal Springs since 1969, working as a teacher and family therapist. After being diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis, a late-onset muscular dystrophy, and living with its progressive debilitating difficulties since the initial symptoms in 1995, she has had to adjust the way she lives her life many times as the disease progressed. Facing the insurmountable odds and working through all the adversity she has faced, she has never lost her sense of creativity, one of which is to continue her enjoyment of writing.

Her book chronicles the ordinary miracles in 61 life stories experienced by 26 Southern writers, including her own life challenges and associated daily miracles. A portion of the profits goes to support Indian missions through Agape Mission-India led by Sam and Jezy Varghese, of Brookhaven.

When the progressive limitations of the disease made it impossible for her to type, she partnered with Barbara Grillot Gaddy, former business instructor and communications manager, to assist. The two friends have another book – a joint venture – “Battles: Glimpses of Truth” scheduled for release this month.

To order a copy of “Ordinary Miracles,” contact Day via email at or mobile phone at 601-320-9473. You may also contact Gaddy at or mobile phone 228-369-0963. The book is also available for order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple eBooks. Signed copies may be purchased at Clear Creek Flowers & Gifts, Crystal Springs; Allred’s On The Square, Hazlehurst; Lorelei Books, Vicksburg; and Lemuria Book Store, Jackson.

If you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time to read a book,” “Ordinary Miracles” is perfect for you. With 61 individual stories, it’s easy to pick up and put down after reading each entry – then return when you have time to enjoy another story.