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A new era begins for Mississippi State Parks

For almost a century, Mississippi State Parks have welcomed guests and provided a quiet getaway for families and friends to reconnect with nature and each other. As a tourism destination, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks is committed to conserving and enhancing the essence of what makes Mississippi State Parks special, while also entering a new era of adventure, hospitality, outdoor recreation, and conservation.

With this in mind, a symbol of MDWFP’s mission, and the connection it has to state park guests, has been created. This logo represents growth and renewed intention, while also celebrating the history that encompasses the state parks’ story. With this new symbol and branding initiative, a new era of Mississippi State Parks will solidify the core values of environmental stewardship, community engagement, and quality outdoor recreation.

“We are proud to be entering this next chapter of Mississippi State Parks. It is such an exciting time to be part of the Mississippi State Parks team, and I look forward to seeing what we continue to achieve in the future,” says Andre Hollis, director of Mississippi State Parks.

“The unveiling of Mississippi State Parks’ new logo is a testament to the commitment of the revitalization of our state parks. This logo not only symbolizes our respect for history and conservation, but also our excitement for what is next for Mississippi State Parks. We look forward to providing unparalleled experiences and amenities never before seen in our state park system,” says Brian Ferguson, chief of staff of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

Learn more about the logo:

Shield  – Serves as a symbol of protection over Mississippi’s historical, natural, and cultural treasures.

Horizontal Lines  – Serves as a portrayal of the delicate transition between land, water, and sky that defines our state’s breathtaking scenery.

Pinecone  – Serves as a beacon of Mississippi’s rich natural heritage and the diverse wildlife that thrives within it. The pinecone is a call to the history at Mississippi State Parks, reminding visitors that even though things may be changing, the parks are still always in season.

For more information, visit or call 601-432-2400.