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Lights to be replaced in Crystal Springs

By Tricia Nelson

In a recent work session of the Crystal Springs Board of Aldermen, a vote was approved for Entergy to begin swapping the city’s lights for LEDs. A survey of the town’s lights was conducted, and an Entergy representative and the board discussed how many and which of the 776 lights were to be replaced, along with the total cost. The projected cost is $21,000; however, in the long run, it will save the city money since the lights will be more energy-efficient and, at the same time, provide more light.

The project is being conducted through a cost-savings program through Entergy. Some of the lights on Highway 27 are already very bright, having been recently replaced, but the rest of the city’s lights are old and not energy efficient. The board approved the project and work should begin soon.

Several items were discussed under police business. Chief Tony Hemphill reported that officer Anthony Tillman is now fully certified. The board approved an increase in his pay, accordingly. Also, two other officers are attending the academy and, hopefully, will be fully certified as well. William Dear was approved to be rehired as a full-time police officer.

Hemphill discussed the lease agreement program he has been looking into in which he hoped to lease police cars instead of having to buy them. Upon further investigation, he determined the leasing company would rather do a city-wide lease of vehicles rather than just one department. It is more advantageous for the leasing company to lease at least 20 cars to the city rather than just 10 to the police department. The city does not have enough cars to do that, so this may not be an option. No action was taken.

The chief is exploring a program called DigiTicket, which would eliminate ticket books. An app on the police officer’s city phone can connect to a printing device, provided by the company, which would scan the license, insert information, and print a ticket. The city would not have to enter into a contract for the service. He will continue to explore this technology.

In other city business, the board voted to adjudicate 200 Moore St., and the mayor reported someone is interested in purchasing the old downtown theater. After some discussion, the board approved a motion to advertise a request for bids for sale, with the caveat that it will be renovated. The board is keen to have the building preserved.