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Debit card scam hits Copiah County banks

Area banks are advising their customers to be on high alert for suspicious activity in their account, specifically from recent debit card usage.

Lately, scammers have obtained account information from debit card transactions taking place in Copiah and surrounding counties.  Hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, have been taken from bank accounts of victims, throwing their financial lives in disarray.  Law enforcement authorities from several local, state and federal agencies are aggressively investigating the actions, although how the thieves are obtaining the information is not quite clear.

Customers of local banks are strongly urged to contact their bank’s customer service line to see if their account has been compromised. The contact information for banks in Copiah County is: Copiah Bank, Lindsey Welch, 601-894-2831; Bank of the South, Misty Prine, 601-892-3232; Trustmark Bank, Rita McElveen, 601-894-3987; and, Regions Bank, 601-892-1861.

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