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Carroll Hood appointed to Oil and Gas Board

Carroll Hood

Attorney General Jim Hood has appointed local businessman Carroll V. Hood to the Miss. State Oil and Gas Board for a four-year term. The appointment could be confirmed by the Senate as soon as next week.

“The employees of the oil and gas board are looking forward to working with him because he is knowledgable about the industry,” said Lisa A. Ivshin, executive director of the State Oil and Gas Board. “He has served before and is a good and trusted friend to the Oil and Gas Board. We are proud he accepted the appointment.”

Carroll Hood has been an active member of the petroleum industry for over 50 years as well as the general business community.

The Miss. State Oil and Gas board oversees all oil and gas drilling, exploration and production in the state, both on land and off shore. Hood was previously appointed to the Oil and Gas Board by Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck in 2002. During that term Hood was elected chairman of the board.

Hood serves on the board of directors of the Miss. Economic Council, serves on the board of trustees of Hardy Wilson Memorial Hospital, president of Hood Petroleum Company, Inc., president of Copiah Oil Company, Inc., President of HICO, Inc., General Insurance Agency, board member of the Mississippi Chapter Missouri Fox Trotters Association, serves on the executive board of the Andrew Jackson Council Boy Scouts, is on the board of directors of the Bank of the South, and has served on the board of directors of the Copiah County Economic Development District.

In addition to these leadership positions Hood has been active in real estate development and in many other areas which have helped this and other communities grow and offer opportunities for others to grow. He is president of H.E. Properties, Inc., and owner of Lakehurst Development Co. He was also named Volunteer of the Year by the Mississippi Economic Development Council.

In the past he has served as a Commissioner of the Miss. Employment Security Commission, was in the LP Gas business for 17 years, has been involved in interstate and intrastate trucking for 30 years, in the wholesale tire and appliance business for 15 years, in the cattle business for 25 years, served on the board of directors of Kimbrough Investment Company, and was a member of the Miss. Research and Development Council.

Additionally, he served as Copiah County Chairman of the SMB Andrew Jackson Council of the Boy Scouts of America, represented the Southeastern Region of the United States on Gates Rubber Co. Dealer Council, served as chairman of the Farmers Home Committee, is a former president of the Copiah County Industrial Development Foundation, a member of the Miss. State Parole Board, a member of the Board of Economic Development, and is a former president of the Copiah County Economic Development District.

He is presently a member of the Hazlehurst Chamber of Commerce, the Miss. Economic Council, the Miss. Petroleum Marketers Association, Rolling Hills Country Club and the University Club. He served in the Air National Guard and Army National Guard for nine years, receiving an honorable discharge, is a graduate of Hazlehurst High School and Copiah-Lincoln Community College, is a Methodist and he and his wife Elizabeth Ann Warren Hood have five children.

Hood and his wife received the Hazlehurst Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.

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