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Not enough funds for road project

The Copiah County Board of Supervisors rejected bids on the 2008 overlay project as being over the engineer’s estimate.

The board reviewed available funds with county engineer Joe Johnson during Tuesday’s regular monthly meeting and decided the county does not have sufficient State Aid funds to cover the project.

The county may rebid the project in the spring when asphalt prices may be lower. Prices have almost doubled since the county’s last project of this sort in 2006.


The dedication of the courthouse renovations is tentatively scheduled for October 28 at 10 a.m. The board discussed plans with the Circuit Clerk briefly. The wording of the plaque for the project was approved, and payment to Huntington for $103,000 was authorized.

Prices were set for CD copies of the voter rolls at the Circuit Clerk’s request.

Billy Traxler of Coor Springs Recycling discussed plans to open a rubbish pit near Crystal Springs. The site is 207 acres, an old gravel pit. The proposed rubbish pit will service all of Copiah County and can accept items that the county’s trash pits can not accept, Traxler explained. The county will have to update its solid waste plan to allow the project to proceed. The board attorney will look into the matter. The pit will generate very little noise or dust, according to Traxler.

The board accepted the bid of Statewide for maintenance of the personal property rolls and mapping.

One bid was received for the mobile wastewater treatment plant, which was taken under advisement.

S&S Dragline was the only bidder for bridge repair and construction for the next six months.

Johnny Collins was high bidder for surplus computers.

Mike Corkern of Airport Development Group updated the board on the airport t-hangar project. The foundation for the project was poured several months ago, but the subcontractor began installing the building before the anchor bolts were in the right place, according to Corkern. A foundation inspection will be needed.

Sheriff Harold Jones reported 49 in custody as of Tuesday morning. He asked authorization for the firearms trainer to attend recertification training.

The Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department’s new tanker truck arrived just before Hurricane Gustav was expected. They picked the truck up last Friday in preparation for the hurricane because the truck can carry potable water, reported Georgetown Fire Chief Alan Faler. The truck for Bethel VFD will arrive soon.

Emergency Management Director Randle Drane reported that Gustav downed about 100 trees as of Tuesday morning. Copiah County shelters housed 1,625 evacuees. The bad weather continued throughout that day.

Advertisement for bids for moving and stabilizing the Robert Johnson house was authorized. Bids will be opened October 6.

Janet Schriver updated the board on the juvenile justice program. She said they are up and running and awaiting the next term of Youth Court.

An objection to the tax assessment was received from Advance Auto Parts but was rejected for being submitted past the deadline.

The board approved and signed the recapitulation, which reflects $91 million total assessed value in the county.

The veterans officer was authorized to attend a conference.

A proclamation declaring Sept. 17-23 as Constitution Week was signed at the request of the Copiah Chapter and Cherokee Rose Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution.

Supervisors recessed until Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 9 a.m. The county board regularly meets on the first Monday of each month at 9 a.m.

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