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Hazlehurst to hold Halloween on Thursday

The Hazlehurst Board of Aldermen voted at the October meeting to ask parents to take their children trick-or-treating on Thursday, October 30, instead of Friday the 31st this year.

Home games are scheduled that weekend at all of the local schools, so Hazlehurst Police ask that trick-or-treaters celebrate Halloween on Thursday to make it easier for them to provide police protection for the city that evening during the other events.


The board agreed to the water superintendent’s request to amend Ordinance 207 to include a tampering fee. Citizens who tamper with water meters will be charged a fine which increases relative to the damage caused to the meter.

The amended ordinance will be advertised.

In other water department matters, the job descriptions were revised. This update is needed, explained superintendent Lloyd Hilliard, as the descriptions were written in 1980. The new descriptions are more detailed.

Emergency repairs were authorized on aerators and starters for $12,632. The repairs were necessary due to a transformer problem.


A flood damage prevention ordinance was adopted. A summary of the ordinance will be published. The flood ordinance follows the FEMA form and is necessary for the city to continue to use FEMA’s flood maps.

The flood ordinance is different from the new zoning regulations. The flood ordinance restricts the ability to construct developments in flood-prone areas.

Bob Freeman was appointed flood plain administrator. Freeman is also the city’s building inspector.


October was declared Racial Reconciliation Month at the request of Mission Mississippi.

The board agreed to close the streets in front of Heritage House for a concert on November 15. Local kids will perform with musicians.

The Christmas Parade is set for Monday, December 8. The Chamber of Commerce was given permission to use the pavilion in Hidalgo Park.

Two part time dispatchers were hired in the communications department.

Andre Watson resigned as police officer. Michael Fatheree was hired in the vacancy.

The board attorney was authorized to draft an agreement with the school district to allow the city to apply for grant funds to build a public playground on school property. Alderman Shirley Sandifer proposed that a tennis court and playground be built using grant funds on the lot by Korner Kleaners. The agreement would have to be structured to fall within the city’s liability coverage, the attorney advised. The city proposes taking responsibility of the playground after school hours while the school has responsibility for it during the school day.

Other grant funds are sought for improvements to the city’s north park, including new bleachers, a basketball court, and a concession stand. The grant funds are available from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. Rep. Greg Holloway has been helping the city obtain the grants, Sandifer reported.

The board approved claims and appointed engineers and administrators for the CDBG sewer improvement project before adjourning.

The Hazlehurst aldermen regularly meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

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