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‘Set the Record Straight’ at Hazlehurst Library Oct. 25

The George W. Covington Memorial Library (Hazlehurst) invites you to “Set the Record Straight” on Saturday, October 25, 2008, 10 to 11 a.m. in the John Applewhite Noble meeting room.  A DiverseCity activity in association with the library’s receipt of the Institute of Museum and Library Science’s (IMLS) “We the People” bookshelf grant, this event is open to the public and encourages the sharing of citizen’s memories regarding Hazlehurst history.  

Steve Amos, serving as commentator, will share his personal knowledge of the tales, history, and humor of Hazlehurst and Copiah County.  All attendees will be encouraged to add their personal thoughts and information.

The entire event will be recorded in audio, photographs, and video.  All recordings from the event will be added to the Covington Library’s archives, serving as a permanent reference. The information contained in these archives will shape the historical perspective of future generations.  In order to be accurate, every voice must be heard.  Don’t hold back.  Come join us, listen, share, and make sure to “Set the Record Straight.”

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