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New board takes reins in Wesson

NEW WESSON BOARD RECITES OATH – Chancery Judge Ed Patten, right, officiated the ceremony last Tuesday evening. From left are Bobby Britt, Van Graham, Billy Ellison, John Welter, Jr., and Mike Douglas.

The new Board of Aldermen for the Town of Wesson is officially on the job after each member and the mayor took their oaths of office prior to July’s board meeting last Tuesday.

Chancery Judge Ed Patten officiated the ceremony that saw two new aldermen–Billy Ellison of Ward 3 and Mike Douglas of Ward 1–begin their duties as representatives.  John Welter, Jr., Ward 4, Bobby Britt, Ward 2, Van Graham, Alderman-at-Large and Alton Shaw, Mayor, were also sworn in and are back on the job.

Upon approval of the agenda, minutes from the June meeting and claims from July, the board got right to work.  All department heads were reappointed as such: Chad O’Quinn, chief of police; Chad Sills, acting chief of police; Mark Brown, public works; Dustin Brewer, fire chief; Bob Lawrence, municipal Judge; Dudley Lampton, municipal attorney/prosecutor; Linda Dykes, clerk/tax collector; and, Shirley Meteer, deputy clerk/court clerk.  In addition, Van Graham was selected as Mayor Pro Tem.

The problem with garbage receptacles being left on curbsides throughout residential areas will lead to a new town ordinance prohibiting residents and property owners from ingnoring such matters.  Wesson is in discussion with the City of Hazlehurst on an ordinance that is being considered there that may lead to fines or other punishment as a result of violations of the ordinance.  No official action was taken on the matter, but the board intends to make clear that the town will no longer put up with unattended garbage receptacles on town thoroughfares.

Permission was sought by Kenneth Furr for use of town streets for the 39th annual WVFD Flea Market, which will be held October 17.  After light discussion, the board granted the request.

Mayor Shaw reminded the board that residents and property owners who request a second water meter for irrigation purposes will not be billed for sewer on the meter.  The owner need only pay the tap fee of $400, plus metered water usage for the privilege.

Wesson librarian Susan Alsbury reported that a new record of users and volunteers hours had been logged in June.  A total of 784 utilized the library, and volunteers recorded 67 1/2 hours during the month.

She added that the new pavilion, which is nearly complete, was used during Tuesday morning’s Be Creative Reading Program in which 98 children and volunteers attended.

Mayor Shaw and the board discussed housekeeping procedures during the remainder of the 60 minute meeting before adjourning until Tuesday, August 4 at 6 o’clock in the evening.

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