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New city court rules to be strictly enforced

Those who will be appearing in Hazlehurst Municipal Court will be subject to new rules beginning with the next court date, according to Police Chief Byron Swilley.

Most of the new rules deal with a new dress code.  

“We have allowed the dress code to deteriorate for far too long.  We are going to aggressively enforce the new one,” Swilley said.

The new rules will disallow:

• handbags

• flip flops

• tank tops

• short shorts

• low cut tops

• muscle shirts

• sagging pants

• cut off blue jeans or other cut off pants.

Those who do not follow the new rules will be asked to leave and may face contempt charges if the municipal court judge sees fit.

“It’s time that we corrected the way some people come into the courtroom dressed distastefully.  The new dress code will eliminate 100% of it and keep the focus on the business of the court,” Swilley said.

Municipal court meets the first Wednesday of each month, with the next scheduled court date being Wednesday, September 2.

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