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Supervisors to reseal up to 25 miles of county roads

Copiah Supervisors agreed to reseal up to 25 miles of county roads in addition to other road resurfacing already planned at their recessed meeting August 10. Supervisors will designate roads to be resealed and if any roads designated have not been paved previously, this mileage will require twice the materials of resealing and will reduce the total mileage accordingly.

Supervisors approved a photo of county officials to be included in the updating of the county’s website.

Chemicals to continue the mosquito spraying program were purchased from Flowers, the low bidder.

The statewide communications grant sought by the county has been approved. The program will allow Copiah agencies to communicate with similar agencies statewide with few “dead” areas in the state. Copiah’s grant totals $207,840 with a required local match of $41,568. Municipalities and other Copiah governmental agencies have contracted to pay a portion of the county’s match. Supervisors authorized the Emergency Management Agency to move forward with the program which is being sponsored by the State Wireless Communications Council.

Supervisors discussed problems with the county’s health insurance program.

Quotes were received on reroofing the Mississippi Department of Corrections and the Department of Education buildings but discussion bogged down on the guarantees in the quotes of George Harris and Wilson Roofing and no action was taken.

Grant agreement on seal coating the apron at the Copiah County Airport was completed. The county placed in the minutes a statement finding that the low bid of Permanent Maintenance Unlimited was properly submitted.

Lease purchase papers were signed on three Caterpillar motor graders with Hancock Bank.

Routine tax roll corrections were approved. The dues of the tax assessor to his state association were authorized.

The sheriff submitted a letter listing unmarked vehicles used by his department which was approved by the supervisors.

The board continued its discussion of liability exposure at the Copiah County Fairgrounds when activities are not within the protection of the state’s equine law which reduces liability for any agriculture-related activity. The county attorney was asked to develop an application and contract for use of the facility along with recommendations of charges to be made. Requirement for $1 million general liability policy for such activities is to be included. The attorney had received information on the procedures used in several other counties to use as a guide.

A representative of the Federal Emergency Management Agency met with the county in trying to resolve a demand by FEMA that Copiah return the money paid it for debris cleanup after Hurricane Katrina. The agency contends that the Mississippi Department of Transportation has been paid the sum due to Copiah for the cleanup and that the county cannot collect “double” for the work done. Copiah contends that MDOT has not paid it anything for its cleanup efforts and they should not have to return $38,000 to FEMA. It was recommended to the county that a claim be filed with MDOT for the amount in question. In the event the money is not forthcoming, an appeal is recommended that will be referred to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency for relief for Copiah. Supervisors authorized the reprogramming of the project to meet the recommendation.

Paper work was completed on bridge inspection and contracts from last meeting. Three of W. E. Blain & Sons’ subcontractors on the county overlay project were approved for signage, milling, traffic control products and striping. These minority contractors account for 7.92 percent of the project.

The Economic Development Administration notified the county that enough of the requirements for the new water well at Copiah County Industrial Park are in order for the project to be advertised and bids will be received September 15 at 10 a.m.

Claims totaling $1,559,398 were approved as supervisors recessed until August 24 at 9 a.m.

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