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Auto burglaries on rise, be sure to lock doors

Law enforcement officials are investigating a rash of auto burglaries that have occurred in the City of Crystal Springs and in the outskirts of Copiah County.

About 20 cases of auto burglary have been reported inside the city limits of Crystal Springs recently, while Copiah County investigators are looking into another ten cases outside the city.

“The suspects have not been doing any damage to the vehicles, but if they go and pull the door handle and find them unlocked, then they enter,” reports Jerry Spell, investigator for the Copiah County Sheriff’s Department.

Stolen items include iPods, laptops, GPS devices, cameras, and firearms.

Most of these incidents have occurred between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Suspects have left bicycles at a few of the scenes when confronted by law enforcement or property owners. Since firearms have been among items stolen in prior incidents, property owners need to take precautions in confronting these individuals directly, cautions Spell.

Spell reminds citizens to lock their vehicle doors or remove valuables from the vehicle at night.

“Also if property owners will log down serial numbers for these items, it will assist the departments in recovering them,” said Spell.

Auto burglaries have been reported on Mathis Road, Lilly Road, and on Harmony Road just outside the city limits.

If you see someone out on a bicycle late at night or in the early morning hours, please call the sheriff’s department, 601-894-3011.

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