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Success is in style for Keisha Bogan

COPIAH LADIES IN THE CITY – Gallman native Chandra Minor, left, and Hazlehurst native Keisha Bogan. Minor went to Atlanta to model in Bogan’s production for Keisha’s Klient Appreciation. Bogan did Minor’s hair and her make up artist assistant did her face for the event.

Keisha Bogan

BOGAN FINDS SUCCESS AS STYLIST – Hazlehurst native Keisha Bogan in the moment at the Bronner Bros Hairshow in February 2009. Bogan will be returning to Hazlehurst on Saturday, October 3, and plans to make an appearance at the Rockin’ Railroad Festival in downtown Hazlehurst. On Sunday, October 4, she will be working with the Ronald McDonald House at an event in Jackson.

Hazlehurst native Keisha Bogan has found success in her career as a stylist in Atlanta, even earning featured spots in several magazine and newspaper articles recently.

Bogan is the owner and master stylist of Beautiful Klue Hair Studio located at 2365 Spring Rd Ste. 115 in Smyrna, GA 30080, which can be found online at Bogan was featured in the July/August issue of Sophisticates Black Hair magazine and she is in the current issue Sept/Oct issue under the article “Sleeping Pretty.” The Hazlehurst native was also featured in an article in the Atlanta Examiner for a client appreciation function.

Bogan is a 1994 graduate of Hazlehurst High School. She is the great granddaughter of the late Frances Murray, the great-niece of Regina Williams of Hazlehurst. “She helped to raise me along with my great grandmother,” said Bogan. She is the daughter of Cynthia D. Bogan of Hemet, CA and Dennis R. Gilmore of Hazlehurst. She is the mother of one daughter, Amyah Kelyse Bogan.

Bogan attended Jackson State University in 1994 and completed cosmetology studies at Moler Beauty College in New Orleans, graduating in 2000.

“I’m a licensed pre-K/early childhood teacher but currently a stylist although I practiced here in Atlanta from July 2006 to December 2006 until I could find the salon best suited,” said Bogan. “I worked at the very well known N’Seya Salon and Spa from Jan 2007 until July 2008, then stepped out on my own due to an unfortunate closing of N’Seya with a  two day notice and opened Beautiful Klue Hair Studio.”


Bogan hopes to one day come back to the high school and speak to the youth about diligence and believing in their talents.

Future projects include Beautiful Klue presents project KARE.

“This will be my ode to the Ronald McDonald House in honor of my daughter, Amyah Kelyse Bogan, who was a premature baby born December 25, 2005 at 26 weeks,” said Bogan. “She was released from the hospital on March 13,2006, one day before my great grandmothers birthday. I surprised my family at our annual Granny’s Bday/Family reunion and came walking in with her at our formal Sunday banquet. True blessing. The Ronald McDonald House allowed me to stay there the entire time while I cared for my daughter on a daily basis by sitting with her in the PICU every day. I eventually was rehospitalized for 3days for a “set back” due to trying to do to much too soon.”

Kamp Kourage is another future project Bogan plans to do out of her desire to give back. It will be geared towards young girls and boys chosen to participate in various activities.

“Ultimately they will learn proper etiquette, have fun, be motivated and encouraged to pass it forward,” Bogan explained.

Kleaning Out The Kloset is another future project that will be geared towards giving and donating to the needy.

Bogan’s Message

“Although I am very proud of my accomplishments and appreciate the outpouring of support, I am still a steady work in progress. My humility serves as a humble demeanor towards those who choose to use me as an example. No accolade could force my underlying motivation to create a new character thus becoming untouchable/impersonable. The revelation to reach out, give back and encourage, satisfies my hunger to share.

“Maturation of your strengths can inadvertently turn into weaknesses if not nurtured through extension. I tend to laugh at challenges because strategic planning is one of my greater abilities, I smile at adversity because my life is a testament of infallible perseverance and I embrace opposition knowing that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

“I believe that we all have the ability to achieve success in our set goals once we realize that we are not just a product of our environment, circumstance or situation but a vessel to make a difference and break the cycle by not becoming a statistic. My decisions have not always been the best; however, the lessons learned with each experience are priceless.

“So I said all of this to say, what you may see on the outside of ME is a reflection of your admiration but realize that a lot of pain, struggle, disappointment, restructuring, overcoming, admitting, acknowledging, accepting, diligence, planning, following through, persistence, prayer and hard work have all played a role in my successes. Thank you all again and Kontinue to support!”


Bogan will be returning to Hazlehurst on Saturday, October 3, and plans to make an appearance at the Rockin’ Railroad Festival in downtown Hazlehurst.  

On Sunday, October 4, she will be working with the Ronald McDonald House at an event in Jackson.

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