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Runway expansion project takes off

There may be between $300,000 and $700,000 available this year to the county to acquire land for the planned runway extension at the Copiah County Airport.

The board of supervisors approved a $45,000 contract with Airport Development Group on Monday to proceed with the land acquisition project.

Mike Corkern of ADG cautioned the board that the FAA likes to reimburse rather than pay up front, so the county will have to float the initial costs such as appraisals.

The county plans to extend the runway to 4400 feet initially, but plans are under way to purchase enough land to eventually extend the runway to 5200 feet.


The county has received a pre-award letter from the state for $195,000 for architectural design and engineering on the proposed emergency shelter at Gallman.

The board discussed personnel and litigation in closed session for about half an hour. The county administrator was authorized to interview candidates for custodian at the services building and hire whomever deemed suitable.

Publication of the audit report was authorized.

Bids will be accepted on the Strong Hope 3500 gallon vacuum tanker on March 19.

A mosquito workshop is planned for the road department on March 4 to calibrate the machines in preparation for the upcoming spraying season.

Six vehicles were declared surplus in the sheriff’s department and will be sent to auction.

Sheriff Harold Jones reported that Deputy Marcus O’Quinn recently passed a map reading and survival course. O’Quinn will be reimbursed for equipment purchased on the course.

County engineer Joe Johnson reported on the bridge inspection. The county has 45 days to make sure all bridges posted closed are posted closed and others are posted correctly. Three bridges in the county are posted closed: Lookout Road, Bobbitt Road, and Dillard Road. These have been closed for a while and replacement is set to begin soon on some.

The test well at the industrial park has found two strata of water and will soon take samples.

The engineer was authorized to flag the corners of the shelter site and look at the timber to see if it is worth harvesting.

Advertisement for architect and administrator on the emergency shelter was authorized.

Routine corrections to the tax rolls were authorized.

Supervisor Terry Channell suggested that the county look into a pit bull ordinance.

Jimmy Buchanan and Johnnie Mae Beckley were reappointed to the hospital board.

The board adourned for Feb.

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