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School district employee arrested on drug charge

James Reeves, conservator of the Hazlehurst City School District, has notified the Copiah County Courier of a drug bust involving a district employee this morning.  Reeves was out of the district in a meeting in Jackson when the incident occurred at the Middle School campus on Monticello St.

An assistant principal notified school resource officer Jeremy McKenzie and maintenance director Daniel Case with information of possible drugs on campus.

McKenzie invoked the Crisis Plan that was in effect, contacted the state Department of Education, who then notified Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Drug dogs were called in to the parking lot and a large stash of alcohol and marijuana were found in a car on campus

A district employee has been taken into custody by MBN and the investigation continues. Sam Jefferson III  of Hazlehurst, a custodian at the middle school, has been charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell. He is no longer employed by the school district, according to action taken at the school board meeting Tuesday.

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