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Copiah School Board examining options to fill budget shortfall

The Copiah County School Board in their meeting June 8 set a budget hearing on proposed ad valorem taxes for the 2010-2011 school year on July 6.

Copiah schools have used less than the amount of ad valorem taxes permitted by state law in previous years and must make decisions about whether to fill funding gaps in this manner since state and federal funding has been cut.

A public hearing for citizen input on budget items for the next fiscal year was held but no one responded.

The quote of the Harris Agency to provide insurance required by the district was accepted. The premium was up $1,800 from the previous year but three new school buses were added to the coverage.

The Mississippi Department of Education presented its at-risk report on the Crystal Springs Middle School.

Personnel action included resignations or retirements of Brandy Parks, Jimmie Lucas, Robert Holloway, Whitney Jones, Michelle Cresap and Tonya Guynes.

Request for leave was granted to Stacie Goodman and Kenyota Mickle.

Certified personnel recommended for employment are Suzanne Shorter, Counselor CSHS; Kathy Rutherford-Prine, Teacher CSHS; Don Regan, Assistant Principal CSHS; Cynthia Vance, Teacher WAC; Jennifer Whittington, Teacher WAC; Holly Bridwell, Teacher WAC; Justin Newman, Teacher WAC; Heather Hall McKenzie, Teacher WAC; Michelle Nunnery, Teacher WAC; Broderick Owens, Teacher CSHS; Ashley Freeman-Hudson, Teacher CSMS; Leslie Wilson, Teacher CSES; Glenn Foster, JROTC Teacher CSHS and Timothy Krause, JROTC Teacher CSHS.

Requests for emergency certification were approved for Tamara Stokes and Jane Taylor.

An extensive list of 2009-10 extended year staff was approved.

Travel requests for 21 district employees were approved.

Board policy revisions were made to comply with state changes in the GED programs and to adjust for changes in the 10-point grading scale adopted for the district.

The Crystal Springs Middle School Safety Handbook was adopted.

Student/Athletic accident insurance program for 2010-11 was approved.

E2T2 funds were accepted for enhancing education through technology in the amount of $9534.

Title one programs totaling $947,471  and $251,472 were accepted and usual carryover funding in Title I will be determined later.

Co-Lin was authorized use of Copiah County facilities for their annual baseball camp.

A fund-raising project to provide photo services at CSHS by Bruckner’s School Photography was approved.

Return of a performance bond was authorized.

A rollback in payroll deductions for lack of participation was authorized.

A surety bond requested by the Mississippi Employment Security Commission was authorized.

A hunting and fishing lease in 16-2-4 was approved at $16.55 per acre with the present leaseholder offered the option of matching the high bid.

The attorney advised the school board on the need to deal with bullying regulations enacted by the state.

The board was advised that the construction of the elevator at the Crystal Springs High School is in progress and the operation of the equipment will be by key and other regulations as necessary.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Clopton advised that extended year programs are operating at each school and “numbers are being met.”

Retirees were recognized by letter this year.

Country Brook Living Center was authorized to use school facilities for emergency relocation of residents.

The board authorized use of ARA money to fund a data processing position to track inventory.

Handbooks for each school were approved subject to administrative review.

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