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Investigators find evidence in Dickerson murder case

A dirt bike suspected of being used by murder suspect David Dickerson on Tuesday was found about 1/4 mile south of a burned trailor yesterday, authorities said. 

Investigators for Copiah County Sheriff’s Office have been combing the area for evidence that they believe Dickerson took from the scene of the brutal murder on Martinsville Road after he allegedly stabbed, shot and killed Pamela Hamilton on Tuesday morning.  The deputies also discovered a gas can that is believed to have been used by Dickerson, “way back in the woods,” according to authorities.

Not yet found are the weapons believed to be used by Dickerson during the alleged murder. The weather has been cooperating in the searches, as investigators have put in full-days’ work in the case since Wednesday.  “We aren’t dealing with a run-of-the-mill dumb criminal,” said one officer.   “But, we will find what we’re looking for no matter how much effort it takes.”

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