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Education can change world one child at a time

By Bonnie L. Jackson
News Editor
Members of the local Christian community rallied together to educate children a world away in Africa.
Greater Damascus Church of Christ Holiness USA, the church members of the Copiah County Ministerial Alliance (CCMA) and individuals joined together to raise $5,000 to send children in Africa to school.
“The first time we went to Africa was in 2006.  I was overwhelmed by the need,” stated Doris Womack, Mission Team  for Greater Damascus Church. Everywhere you looked there were hungry people. I had never seen so many people wandering around with nowhere to go and no food to eat. It was staggering,” Womack described.
“Elder and Sister Clifton Goodloe, Bonnie Steward, Eric Tanner, Marvin Minor and I, the first time. We went to  Ghana, Benin, Mali. That’s where we built a water well,” stated Womack.
“This year Eric Tanner and I went back to Benin and Liberia. We saw so many children working in rock quarries trying to break rocks to earn enough money to buy one cup of rice. That is the only meal they will have in one day–if they are blessed,” continued Womack.  
World Missions is a outreach arm of the Church of Christ of Holiness, USA (COCHUSA). The missions are designed to fulfill Jesus’ mandate “go into all the world”.
Doris Womack serves as the chairman of Greater Damascus Church Mission’s Team.
Womack joined by Marvin Minor and Dr. Victor Dixon in 2010 decided to answer the Jesus’ call; and the World Mission provided a great opportunity.  
They chose to support the Scholarship Program for Liberia. For a mere $100 to $125.00, a child can receive a life-changing education. Many of these children have never attended a school some are teenagers.
“The money will pay for everything including the uniforms, and meals for one year,” Womack said.  
“There are so many things that we take for granted in America.  We do not know how fortunate we are until you see the situation in other countries such as Africa,” said Marvin Minor.
Most Americans live within walking distance of a school; and take it for granted that everyone will have the opportunity to receive an education.  Our society has mandated that education is fundamental to developing productive citizens who will protect and maintain our Democracy.

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