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November 2011 Copiah County election results

By Bonnie L. Jackson
News Editor
A long, tough election season for county officials came to a predictable conclusion Tuesday night with all incumbents retaining their offices.
Circuit Clerk Edna Stevens,  won another term in an uncontested race, released these unofficial results. There were three locally contested races: sheriff, justice court judge post 1, and constable. Incumbents won all three convincingly.
Sheriff  Harold Jones (D) received 6384 votes or 69.51% of the vote to defeat challengers Jimmy Strong (I) who received 2011 votes or 21.90% of the vote and E. Denver Howell, Jr. (R) who received 783 votes or 8.53% of the vote.
Justice Court Judge Lillie V. McKenzie, Post 1, Democratic Incumbent received 3211 votes or 79.96 votes to defeat challenger Albert Sterling Tate (I) 804 vote or 20.02% of the vote.
Incumbent Constable Ronnie Earls, Post 2 garnered 3481 votes or 70.22% of the vote to stave off opposition from challengers Steven K. Foote who received 1041 votes or 21.00% of the votes and James H. Whittington who received 435 votes or 8.78% of the vote.
All other seats were uncontested: Steve Amos  for Chancery Clerk, Ellis Stuart Coroner, Elise B. Munn County Attorney, Toddy Mooney, Tax Tax Assessor, Tax Collector April Holloway, Supervisors Earl C. Dixon,Terry Channell, Perry Hood, Kenneth Ray Powell, Jimmy Phillips; Justice Court Judge Vicki Bass Rasmey, Post 2, Constable Post 1 Jimmy Dale White, and Superintendent of Education Rickey Clopton.   
On the initiative that drew national attention as a potential watershed vote in the life movement  – Definition of a Person failed  by a 5748 to 3208 margin. It failed statewide.
Voter ID was more successful passing with a  5036 to 4028 votes. And the third initiative dealing with Eminent Domain received 6227 to 2872 in favor of the measure.
Former Lt. Governor Phil Bryant (R) was elected the new governor by defeating Johnny DuPree (D).
According to Circuit Court Clerk Stevens there are about 400 absentee ballots, a small number of affidavits to be tallied.  The election commissioners will count those on Wednesday afternoon and the final results will probably be filed with the state some tine on Thursday.
The absentee and affi davit ballots are not expected to change the unofficial results of any of the races.

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