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Giordano retires, Crosby takes over at Wesley Pines

Special to the Copiah County Courier

Camp Wesley Pines is a jewel in our midst, undiscovered by many within just a few miles of its beautiful location just outside Gallman.   For those who have been there, especially as campers, it remains a symbol of some of the best and most rewarding times of our lives. 

Once again change is coming to Wesley Pines.  Rev. Ted and wife Lanelle Giordano will complete 17 years of faithful service as Executive Director and be honored at a special reception this Sunday, May 27, between the hours of 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Durr Wise Center.  Also present will be Rev. Johnny Crosby and wife, Connie, who has been chosen as the new Executive Director.

Bro.Ted started his employment here as Associate Director in October, 1995 and became Executive Director on June 10, 1997.  Before that he was a camper and a camp director, so his love for Camp Wesley Pines goes way back.  It will be hard for him to leave, but he is ready to retire and enjoy more time with his family.  He will cherish many memories – of campers, and counselors, staff, and groups of many faiths and occupations who came to enjoy the facilities of this special camp. He wrote, “In closing, I say “thanks” for all the memories. I will never forget the many good friends I have made during my time here. I am looking forward to helping Bro. Johnny Crosby as he takes over as the new director. We need to all support him and his time of ministry at Camp Wesley Pines.”

Rev. Johnny grew up on a small family farm in Moselle and has served as a UMC pastor for 36 years, mostly recently as District Superintendent of the Brookhaven District for the past three years, an assignment he calls “one of the best appointments in Mississippi Methodism.”  Yet he joyfully accepts his new position, stating that “although there are many that could serve as director…none would love it more.”

No article on Wesley Pines could be complete without mention of the late Rev. Roger Cameron and wife Rosemary, who devoted countless hours to bringing the camp into existence, and then as the first Directors for many years.  They are due a lot of praise for their dedication and devotion that resulted in the very beginning of the wonderful facility we have today, and to the many lives that have been changed by their acceptance of Jesus Christ at a week of camp at Wesley Pines.  No doubt both Brother Ted and Brother Johnny love Camp Wesley Pines and we look forward to its continued influence in the future.

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