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Huge turnover at HCSD just before new school year

By Bonnie L. Jackson
News Editor

Conservator Jimmy Hopkins approved numerous adjustments in personnel, policy and financials for  Hazlehurst City School District at the June board meeting.
According to Na’Son White, Business Manager, “the amount of the claim docket approved for June 2012 was $239,090.60. The unaudited fund balance for District Maintenance was $3,254,251.13 as of June 2012. The cash balance for the District Maintenance fund as of June 2012 has not yet been reconciled.”
Major shifts have occurred in the school district’s administrative and teaching staff.  
Hopkins accepted the resignations of Jamilliah Longino, Assistant Superintendent, Jalilah Dukes, Transformation Specialist, Demond Radcliff, High School Principal, and Krispen Williams, High School Assistant Principal. A former principal for the middle school also resigned earlier in the year.
Resignations for the following were also accepted: Talmidge Meeks, Social Studies Teacher, Yahya Muhammad, Band Director, Reginal McGee, Head Varsity Basketball Coach, Bianca Arrington, 1st Grade Teacher, Edward Justice, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Peter Jung, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Geoffrey Carlisle, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Trevor Portrey, ICTI Teacher, Tabitha Williams, Special Education Teacher, Sean Benton Wells, Instructional Coach, Math, and Joyce Green, Instructional Coach.
The following administrative staff members were re-employed for 2012-13 Lynette Banks, Eric Stewart, Na’Son White, Brendsha Roby, Endirka Williams, Eric Jackson, Carol Jones, Mona Fauver, Mark Douglas, Roger Hilliard, and Bonnie Crapps.
Twelve members of the classified staff were re-employed for high school, middle school, child nutrition and bus drivers/monitors.
Approval was given to use funds from the School Improvement Grant to cover the cost of sending teachers to attend M-Star Training.
Approval was given for the following: eight staff members to work during the PreK-4 Summer School from June 11 – July 20;  nine staff members to work during Grades 5 – 8 Summer School from June 11 – July 20; three  staff members for the PreK-4 Summer School Transition Class from June 11 – July 20; and, nine high school staff members to work during Summer School from July 9 – 27.
A short-term contract was approved for Jalilah Dukes for the period of July 2 – 13 at a daily per diem of $361.70.
Approval was given for a contract with Alberta Nelson for 16 days at $20 per hour for eight hours per day as an academic tutor effective May 1.
Staff members were approved to work Extended School in grades K-8 from June 11-29 and from July 2-20.
Three Special Education staff members were given approval to work Extended School Year from June 11 – July 10.
A contract was approved for Special Education Teacher Carol Neal to work Homebound Services after regular school hours from May 1 – May 18 at a rate of $25 per hour not to exceed 20 hours.
Policies that had been updated as of June were approved.
Several people asked questions about contracts and teachers. Hopkins asked them to submit their questions in writing so that he could provide them a written response.
The board meeting was adjourned until  the next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 24 at 12:30 p.m.

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