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Blue Cross funds assist local health and wellness

HEALTH AND WELLNESS  – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation (BCBSMF) is investing in programs that will directly impact the health of Mississippians by funding programs that stressed healthy living. On Monday, Shelia B. Grogan, CPA and Executive Director for BCBSMF, awarded  Co-Lin Community College a check in the amount of $110,000 to fund Co-Lin’s Wolfpack Wellness Initiative.  The Wolfpack Wellness Initiative has two goals: one, to increase the cardiovascular wellness options on Co-Lin’s Wesson campus and to resurface the college track. The upgrading of the  college’s walking nature trail with stretching and circuit training station will help facilitate a lunchtime walking program for faculty and students. The college track will be repaired. The track is a favorite with faculty and staff. “We are pleased to provide funding to encourage health and wellness on the campus of Co-Lin Community College that will extend into the community,” stated Groban.   Co-Lin will create special walking zones throughout the campus. They will be labeled for students, staff and community members so that walkers can keep track of the number of miles they walked.  The faculty, staff and the community will participate in a baseline health assessments program that will be used to develop personal action plans for improving personal health. Programs for healthy dining options will be developed. Four seminars and a health fair on healthy living will be conducted.  For more information visit the college’s website at Pictured from left to right are Dr. Stephanie Duguid, Co-Lin’s Assistant Dean of Academic Instruction/HPR Division Chair, Shelia B. Grogan, CPA and Executive Director for BCBSMF, Dr. Ronnie Nettles, Co-Lin’s President; and Jeff Posey, Co-Lin’s Director of Institutional Planning and Research.

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