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New detention center gets final nod from supervisors

Copiah Supervisors gave the go-ahead to construct a new detention center just north of the present facility in the industrial park at Gallman during the August 10 meeting.
A resolution stating the intent of the Board of Supervisors to acquire, construct, finance and equip a county jail, justice court, sheriff’s office and related facilities under the authority of a section of Mississippi code was approved by all five supervisors at the meeting. A lease/purchase agreement between the county and the Central Mississippi Improvement Corporation, a non-profit corporation that was organized under Mississippi Law to acquire, construct, finance, equip and lease facilities like this, was approved as well. The project will be financed with the proceeds bond sales by the non-profit.
The supervisors also created a Community Development Entity (CDE), a non-profit corporation to secure tax credits totaling $3,000,000 available for the construction of the new Copiah County Hospital. The CDE will consist  of a five member board. Three members named by the hospital board and two members named by the Board of Supervisors.

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