Copiah Academy honors ‘Box Top’ winners

CA BOX TOP WINNERS – Copiah Academy has had a summer collection contest since 2005. Each year the amount collected has grown, but the remaining constant is that 3rd grade has always won. This year we shook the competition up a little bit! The classes were broken into categories to compete with each other. K5,K4 & K3 were competing against each other. 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4rth, and 5th and 6th were split into their own categories. K5, 1st, 3rd and 6th each won. 3rd grade was the over all winner. Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s Labels for Education, Tyson A+ labels, Community Coffee UPC’s, inkjet cartridges and old cell phones are all collected at the school for money and merchandise. It is amazing with everyone’s involvement how it adds up to thousands of dollars for our school. Everyone in the community is invited to help. If you would like to donate your collections to Copiah Academy, please contact Amy Brunt for instructions(601-506-0643). 2012 Box Top Winners are: Left to right, first row: Ethan Mize, Andrew Reinike, Jackson Stringer, Joseph Granger, Ricky Tebo, Carson Romano, Jacob Hust, Aidan Rogers, Brayden Johnson, Gunner Palmer, Dolan Courtney, Liam Adams; second row:  Mrs. Leah Roberson, Emma Reinike, Emily Davis, Katie Ashlyn Jones, Elaina Tovar, Drake Bayles, Conner Toney, Chris Ellis, Connor McLendon, Brian McNair, Bea Estigoy, Sarah Grace Smith, Madelyn Barrentine, Ethan Britt, Caden White, Mrs. Susan Swain; back row: Grace Steen, Mary Beth Coates, Riley Batton, Leah Thompson, Elizabeth Easley, Breanna Sykes, Makayla Russell, Brianna Martin, Makenzie Heard, Madison Strong, Baliee Herrington, Ashlyn Bailey, Kaylee Woodham, Jon Devon Whitehead, Lee Day, Madoxx Bailey, Mrs. Lucy McCormick. Not pictured:  Cassidy Stafford

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