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MS Job Corps Center told not to accept new students

MS Job Corps Center in Crystal Springs, Miss., was recently informed by the U. S. Department of Labor that, because of budget cuts, the Crystal Springs center, along with several others throughout the United States, could not accept new students.  The situation is temporary, as the enrollment freeze lasts from January 28 to June 30.

Elizabeth Todd, a Department of Labor spokeswoman, said this week, “As part of an ongoing effort to ensure that the Jobs Corps program across the country operates within current appropriate funding, all locations are now affected,” Todd said.

MS Job Corps in Crystal Springs serves around 450 students at any time, most of whom are high school dropouts or those that haven’t earned a high school diploma.  Students who enroll can choose from a wide variety of career areas in which to receive technical training and work experience.  Many of the center’s graduates go on to secure long-term careers.

The center also employes several dozen local residents and has a multi-million dollar impact on the economy of greater Crystal Springs.

Job Corps is the nation’s largest job-training and education program for low-income students ages 16-24, and it is run by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The voluntary program helps about 100,000 students around the country every year. The residential program provides schooling so young people can complete high school, go to college or otherwise train for a career — and an independent life.


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