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Mt. Zion B.A.L.L. Club hears Bro. Smith

The Mt. Zion Baptist B.A.L.L. Club President, Dorsie McKnight, welcomed the following guests to the May luncheon: Brenda and Richard Fore, Debbie and Larone Smith, parents of Rev. Smith; his wife, Jessica and their children.

The group was eager to welcome home one of their own, Bro. Landon Smith, who had grown up in the community and been in their Sunday school class. He presented a program giving reference to verses in the Bible showing the benefit of humor in our life.  How the magic of humor in daily lives can give relief to stress of our challenges and allow us to find peace. Bro. Smith is the Youth Minister at the First Baptist in Crystal Springs.

The chairman of the nominating committee, Jackie Poole, opened the discussion about club officers for 2013-2014 by allowing any nominations from the group. It was voted that the present officers continue: Dorsie, president; Jackie, vice president; Annie Ruth, secretary; Judy, Anita, and Peggy Smith, planning committee.

Doc Entrican led us in prayer in remembering the people in our community experiencing difficult times.

Bro. Smith said the blessing and we ended the day with our Southern Fried Catfish lunch.  We are looking forward to meeting again on Sept. 10.

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