City of Hazlehurst going after owners of neglected property

This property in Hazlehurst is on the list of neglected properties that the city is targeting for clean up.

Hazlehurst City board held a public hearing on Tuesday, July 2 to discuss the state of a property located at 255 State Street.  The owners of the property were notified, but failed to show up for the hearing.
The board voted to authorize city workers clean up the overgrown property and charge the property owners with the cost by adding to the owner’s tax bill.
Other owners of neglected properties around town beware: notifications are being mailed to you in an effort to get you to bring your properties up to code.  For instance, a tentative public hearing has been scheduled for the next board meeting on August 3, 2013 for a property located on St. Charles Street.  Several attempts have been made to have the owner comply to the city’s request to clean up the property with no answer.  The public hearing is a final attempt at recourse by the city.

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