Memories fresh after 54 years

Randall Day of the Hazlehurst Area Chamber of Commerce, received a letter recently from Dick Witkovski with BESCO Internacional of Dallas, TX, remembering a time when hospitality was appreciated by all.

The letter is as follows: “Just a note letting you know that when I used to travel MS back in 1959 thru 1961 I was always impressed with the hospitality of Hazlehurst and all of MS.
Beverly Zeller was Miss Hospitality of 1959 and welcomed us travelers with lemonade cookies and a happy face to be sure we would drive safely.

All these years (54 of them) this little flyer was in a box we found in our garage and I just wanted her to know she did a good job representing Hazlehurst.

I called on all of the radio stations in 6 states – MS was one of my favorites.

I notice the pop. has stayed steady.

I thought she might just like to have it back.

Best of luck locating her.

R. E. Witkovski

Thank her for the lemonade. 

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