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B.A.L.L. group hears The Travelers singing

The B.A.L.L. Club members and guest were reminded of the approach of Easter as we listened to The Travelers singing, “Just a Little Talk With Jesus”, “Without The Valley,” “Getting Ready To Leave This World”, “Amazing Grace”, and “Beulah Land”. The tables had Easter greetings to remind us of the true meaning of the time, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The Dogwood and Easter Lily flowers adorned the food tables along with the dishes prepared by the members.

Dorsie McKnight welcomed the members and guest and Annie Ruth Foster read the minutes from March’s luncheon.  We sang Happy Birthday to the ones with April birthdays.  Our new Youth Minister, Bro. Clint Jackson, led us in prayer for the people in our community, church and family who are having difficulties.

Dorsie told the story of “Forrest Gump” going to heaven and passing the three question test that Saint Peter gave. “Forrest” said the last one was easy, the first name of Jesus, because he learned it from the song, It is “Andy”, “Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own.”

Our guest was the brother of Jackie Poole and for the introduction of Rev. Booth to the group Dorsie read the poem written by Tamarah M. Olsen, “To My Brother With Love”. It expresses the feelings she had as she  watched her brother grow to become a man.  “A man like you is of a greater kind. Off into the world you go, you’ll be great, this everyone knows!”

The blessing for our lunch was by Mrs. Peggy Smith.

We will have our last luncheon for the year on May, 13 in the Fellowship Room at 10:30 a.m. for our fish fry and the program is, “The Music of the Guitar” by Rev Chis DeGeorge and Mr. Johnnie Smith.

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