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Hazlehurst PK-8, Tillman Furniture support teachers

NEW TEACHERS’ FRIDGE – Hazlehurst PK-8 and Tillman Furniture Co. have supplied the teachers at Hazlehurst School a new refrigerator. Pictured left to right are Tillman Furniture Sales Associates Daniel Graham and Willie Hart, Hazlehurst PK-4 Principal Kim Luckett-Langston, and present and past Hazlehurst PK-8 presidents Diane Williams and Paul Rhodes.

Ask any teacher. The teacher’s lounge isn’t just another room, it’s a place where teachers relax and take a break, and it’s a sanctuary for stressed-out staff. Thanks to Tillman Furniture Company, the teacher’s lounge is much more inviting with the donation of a new refrigerator.

Hazlehurst PK-8 PTA saw a need to enhance the teacher’s lounge on the elementary campus. “A request was made to Tillman Furniture and the local furniture giant responded without hesitation,” stated present PTA president Diane Williams.

“Teachers need somewhere to sit down, have a tea, coffee and a breather, do their marking, have a laugh and hide from management; a place where new teachers can ask old hands for advice and support and have a little cry, and all teachers can meet,” said past PTA president Paul Rhodes.

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