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Delinquent 2012 property taxes listed for final sale

Steve Amos, Copiah County Chancery Clerk, has authorized the Copiah County Courier to publish a list of properties on which delinquent taxes are owed from the year 2012.  These properties, which are printed on other pages in this issue, were sold at auction in August of 2013.

Some property owners in Copiah County lose their parcels each year because of failing to pay taxes owed from a previous year.  Perhaps they forget or they simply can’t afford it or because of illness, they’ve moved away to be near family in another state.  Either way, the names are printed in the newspaper each year as a final attempt to communicate the message to the property owner that is delinquent on taxes for two years.

See the Copiah County Courier for the complete list of land sales.

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