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Copiah Animal Shelter marks fourth anniversary Saves 629 animals’ lives!

Copiah Animal Shelter (CAS) was founded in July 2011 by a group of volunteers dedicated to the well-being of homeless animals. CAS provides shelter and care to lost and homeless animals in Copiah County, and neighboring communities, until permanent placement (adoption) into loving homes. CAS is a small-capacity, volunteer-based, nonprofit Shelter. Since the first animal adoptions in October 2011, Copiah Animal Shelter has cared for, and found homes for more than 629 animals through June 2015. CAS Volunteers also spay/neutered, and rabies vaccinated, 60 feral (wild or stray, free-roaming) cats in the community with grant funds.

To read more about CAS, see the Copiah County Courier, on sale throughout Copiah County.

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